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About Us

About Naksh - We are professional handmade rug manufacturer established generations ago based in the Mirzapur, where world's most handmade rugs are manufactured. Thus, we have the best tools and techniques for tufted rug manufacturing, which makes the tufting fun and easier. Currently Naksh Carpets is managed by visionary leaders and technocrats who have learnt the skills since generations and have applied engineering skills to make carpet making process fun and efficient.
Since we are rug manufacturer it was natural and needed for us to make our tufting machines, tools and accessories more efficient long lasting and more and more people started reaching out to us to figure out the professional way of manufacturing rugs. Thus begins our journey of becoming one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of tufting machines and accessories including Yarn, Fabric, Latex Compound, and all related spare parts.
We supply our products to almost all the big brands worldwide. Each of our machines are manually tested, oiled and set at perfect settings by our highly experience testing team so that our customers find their tufting experience as smooth as making a cake. Our machine parts are manufactured in compliance with standard regulatory bodies and we are CE and ISO certified company.
We believe - we should leave the earth better than how we received it. Hence, all our products are ethically sourced and have minimal or no impact to environment. We emphasis on using natural and recyclable products.

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We offer a 12 month Warranty on our tufting Machine.

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